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Mosler - USA

Mosler Safe Company was the largest manufacturer of safes and vault doors for more than one hundred years.  They specialized in burglary protection safes for the financial and commercial industries as well as the government.  They are well known for manufacturing the following products:

The United States Gold Storage Vault at Fort Knox, Kentucky

The 50-ton safe that guards the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights

The famous bank vaults that withstood the Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima

The largest bank vault door ever built located in the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City

The massive radiation doors for installation at Oak Ridge, Tennessee (5 feet thick)


Mosler is now owned by Diebold, of Canton, Ohio.

We usually have an inventory of used safes and vault doors manufactured by Mosler, the majority of which are excellent in quality and workmanship.

Please note that the TL-15 and TL-30 money safe brochures attached indicate only the standard models offered by Mosler at a particular time.  There are many custom sized products with the same certifications that they manufactured over the years.

Special Note About "TRTL Round Door Money Safes"!!!  It is important to note that the round door models that have bodies of ONLY 1" thick steel plate (those NOT cladded in 3" of concrete on all walls) cannot be considered "torch and tool resistant", so if you have one of these safes, for security and insurance purposes, it should be considered no stronger than a TL-30 "tool resistant only" safe.