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Megasafe - Macedonia

These safes were manufactured in Macedonia and imported to the USA for this market.  These products are no longer in manufacture.

The safes marketed under the name "Treasury TRTL-30x6" were not UL (USA) listed products....they were ULC (Canada) listed products, which do not compare to the UL (USA) products with the same listing.  As a matter of fact, these safes compare closer to the lower security range of TL-30x6 safes, so should not be considered a high security safe.  UL Canada no longer tests safes according to the ULC performance standards.

Megasafe Super Jewelers TRTL-15x6 safes were manufactured by Soltam (Israel)  and were taken off the market in the year 2000 after a UL investigation revealed that the product was not manufactured according to the specifications of the safe successfully tested by UL in the 1990s.  This line of safes is closer in security to a UL TL-15 safe and should not be relied upon to protect high values, even though they have a UL TRTL-15x6 label on them. We have the copy of the UL News Release on file if you have such a safe and need confirmation of this.  (Note that Soltam marketed these safes through other safe dealers in the USA under the name "Soltam Bankers Treasury".)